Wednesday, October 02, 2002

Not bored, not not bored. Does that make any sense? I am really sick and tired of meeting new people. I have gone through so many orientation programs in my twenty-some years on this planet that there should be a law against this type of lifestyle.

I miss people. Lots of people around the freaking globe people. Some more than others.

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

blogger.comTV blues . . .

So remember that I bought a TV? All I wanted was to be able to play DVDs from the computer onto the TV (real easy right?). So yesterday, I buy the wire to connect the two and then try it out, BUT, to my dismay, the jack in the back of the TV is totally fucked. Shit. I dismantle the TV and discover that the jack is totally shot - DYI guy that I am, I try several different methods to reattach it (including making a makeshift soldering iron, all Maguiver-like) . . . no good.

After much thought and even more failure, I try the seemingly simplest solution - super glue! And it worked! . . . for a while at least. While reattaching the back, something hit something, I don't know, and then BAM!, no picture. Shit.

Although this was much worse, the TV screen had occasionally flickered on and off (never a big deal though) since I first got the TV so, I figure "what the hell!" I will call a repair guy and get an estimate at least. I go downstairs to the house Obasan and ask her about it. We do a little research, but it looks super grim, and to make matters even worse apparently there is this new law in Japan that requires someone to pay about$40 to get rid of large appliances. Shit. I am getting pissed off and out of my extreme frustration I start bitching about having bought the TV . . . . "BOUGHT!?!"? she questions back.

Apparently the Dutch guy I bought it from fucked me - he got the TV for free just like most people in the dorm, they are mostly hand-me downs. Sure, I got a sweeter TV than most of the ones around here, but still - when the Obasan hooked me up with the Dutch guy, it was done on the assumption that he was just going to leave it in the room, like he told her in Japanese, but not me in English (notably, he would have had to pay the dumping fee if he wasn't taking it with him, which he also told me he wasn't!). From her point of view, as the intermediator, she is partly responsible for me getting 'ripped off' and thus she must help me.

Before I know it (and I really mean that, I didn't know what was going on at all, she just jumped on the phone and started ranting in Japanese!) the Obasan is on the phone with the Dutch guy chewing him out and ordering him to give me my money back. Huh? How did this get to this point . . .

I don't know if I'll get my money back, the Dutch guy is supposed to call me and arrange a reimbursement- I don't know if I should feel like an ass for bringing the Obasan's wrath onto the guy (cause he has been generally nice to me, called me back when I called him about good clubs to go to), it wasn't my fault she called him. HOWEVER, if he did rip me off . . .

Either which way, the Obasan has recommended that I use the house sledge hammer and change the TV from an appliance into a pile of rubble, so as to avoid the disposal fee. I look forward to this. Also, I got a much smaller TV from the selection of hand-me downs (would have been nice to know about THOSE before!) and I still have the VCR I bought from the Dutch guy. At least now I can tape crazy TV shows for all you folks in the US . . . and yes, I can now play DVDs on the TV.
blogger.comAfter years of searching and struggling, it is complete. I have caught them all (well, all of the old series . . . I'm not rich enough to really include that new series). I am a Pokémon master.

Oddly enough, the last one I need turned out to be the most common, Pikachu (the revised, cuter one - NOT the surfing one). I need a new hobby.

Thursday, September 19, 2002

Kisca and I recently had a conversation regarding the new Bright Eyes album "Lifted or the Story in the Soil" - first off, go and buy it, it is one of the best albums I have heard in a long fucking while - it just captures 'IT' and it is beautiful . . . OK back to the point! The conversation got me a thinking about albums of the year and all. Unfortunately, I have little recollection before 1997 . . . well, that's not exactly true, it just took me till then to catch up with music (there have been several centuries of production, recording tech is less than 150 years old, plus sifting throught the bias of being born when I was born . . . gimme a fucking break) so 1997 is kind of my starting point of independant, educated thinking with regards to music.

So what are my top albums:

1997: Radiohead - "OK Computer" . . . this shit blew my mind. It was like, you know when you first listen to an album and you get a while bunch of the lyrics wrong and then you finally look at the booklet and figure out that you have been totally off and the disappointment seeps in . . . my words were so much FREAKING better! . . . this album was the first (and so far only) that I looked at the lyric sheet and was like - "SHIT, i was so stupid, these lyrics are so much better than that bullshit I was using to karaoke this shit!" It also lasted the test of time . . .but whatever.

1998: PULP - "This is Hardcore" - This is the album that got me through writing my undergrad thesis. Oh, the agony and the ecstacy. It pretty much capture those feelings of hope and disillusion that graduating college entails. Plus I had a pretty sweet moment with it when this girl I was interested in at the time unknowingly played out the lyrics to the song "Like a Friend." Smoked all my cigarettes again . . .
Special mention: Soul Coughing - "El Oso" - My years don't really follow the modern Christian calander due to the fact that I live an academic life. That is, every fall, for better or worse, my life gets totally revamped. I moved to New York that fall and my new roomate was really into Soul Coughing. I probably will get chewed out for this choice cause popular opinion seems to holds that this album is the band's worst. In fact, it is out of print in England. Still, that oh so yellow sleeve and couple of songs on it that made my first couple of months in NYC complete.

more to come . . .

Monday, September 16, 2002 I was planning on going to campus today and pick up my library card, but now that it is pouring rain I think a change of plans is necessary.

The use of the word productive in my last entry, I feel, needs some qualification. I actually am really productive these days. I make my list and actually follow through with 90% of it. That's part of the problem. It is healthier to only do 50% of that list and go out and have a good time.

I did go out yesterday and walk around Namba and the maze of tunnels that characterize this city. Not much really to report; I got a really kick ass bowl of noodles (the heavy garlic was a welcome taste). One thing did stand out in my head though - while following my nose to nowhere, I took a turn down a less populated, yet equally flamboyant street (street doesn't do the place justice, part of the maze is better, but not complete). Thereupon, I heard some weak cries and there, to my left, trapped on a fire escape was a tiny black kitten crying for help. It would take too long to describe the exact circumstance of this kitten, but suffice it to say, in the extra compact world that is Japan, the fire escape did not leave this kitten a lot of room to go anywhere; plus metal and climbing claws don't mix.

I stood around watching it for a while and wondering what to do. It wasn't in any immediate danger, but it also was clearly trapped and needed help. I figured, given the Japanese love of all things extra cute, that within moments someone would rush to the kittens help - besides, I already bring enough attention to myself being white, I don't need to stand out even more climbing some stranger's fire escape.

Some construction workers came after a couple of minutes and started staring too, but much to my disappointment, they just walked away. In the end, I did try to climb and save the kitten, but the little guy was slight more resourseful than I had anticipated. I still doubt that he had access to his home, wherever that was (he seemed to be looking up when crying), but the fire escape did have one tiny escape route invisible from the ground. He split as soon as I tried to climb up.

I have no idea why I just wrote all that . . . I promise next time the story will have a more furfilling ending. In the meantime, read the new movie concept from kisca mooreland:

"i imagine you captured by historic portugese sailor/explorers of the 19th century, lost in the bermuda triangle, a grey hazy black and white apparation to psyciks for 189 years who came up the coast to plymouth mass and threw a net over you -like you wuz Kunta-Kinte,-then dragged you on board and sold you to a rich Chinese fairy prince from ShgANGHAI WHO BROUGHT YOU TO HIS DORM AS A SERVENT. OH, POOR POOR HARRY POTTER!"

I liked his one about the shipwrecked guy who's only friend was a shark that could only speak Spanish better

Sunday, September 15, 2002

Ok, I will be more than productive today - I have an agenda. No not a little planner book, just a couple of ideas of what to do. Who knew that doing nothing was so damned difficult?
it's raining out, how I love the smell of dusty pavement after fresh rain.
Meursault Foster, that's me. I figure I can use blogger to teach me how to use html and self-indulge in saying sweet nothings for the internet masses. It's a work in progress and I apologize for the ads; not rich, not exactly poor, but definitely not willing to pay the damn $15. Maybe that will change after I get super annoyed at this server for using my genius (sic) as a corporate logo brothel.

As for myself, not much happens these days. I should do something to change that, oppotunities abound currently . . . create reasons to write more and not write more as one might have it. Andre Gide, in his novel, "The Counterfeiters" (good book, read it if you have the time) wrote,

"No old boy; no; I don't know whether I shall write. It seems to me that writing prevents one from living, and that one can express oneself better by acts than by words." We shall strive to strick a balance, if only to entertain.

One point of beauty found today: (I will figure html out)- I can't believe that the whole fucking thing is on line and with pictures, ah, Genji . . . perfection you are not, but damned beautiful in whatever language. I am only bitter to find that there is a summary version. Given, it is really poor, but it pulls the rug under my dreams of my "Cliff Notes" version. Is there a point now? When I finally figure it out I will post my Heike Monogatari "Cliff Notes." they are entertaining if you like that kind of stuff.

until then . . .